aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds package



aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.manager module

aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover module

Recover a revocation registry.

aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover.LOGGER = <Logger aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover (WARNING)>

This module calculates a new ledger accumulator, based on the revocation status on the ledger vs revocations recorded in the wallet. The calculated transaction can be written to the ledger to get the ledger back in sync with the wallet. This function can be used if there were previous revocation errors (i.e. the credential revocation was successfully written to the wallet but the ledger write failed.)

exception aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover.RevocRecoveryException[source]

Bases: Exception

Raise exception generating the recovery transaction.

async aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover.fetch_txns(genesis_txns, registry_id)[source]

Fetch tails file and revocation registry information.

async aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.recover.generate_ledger_rrrecovery_txn(genesis_txns, registry_id, set_revoked, cred_def, rev_reg_def_private)[source]

Generate a new ledger accum entry, based on wallet vs ledger revocation state.

aries_cloudagent.revocation_anoncreds.routes module