aries_cloudagent.revocation.models package


aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.indy module

aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.issuer_cred_rev_record module

aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.issuer_rev_reg_record module

aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.revocation_registry module

Classes for managing a revocation registry.

class aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.revocation_registry.RevocationRegistry(registry_id: Optional[str] = None, *, cred_def_id: Optional[str] = None, issuer_did: Optional[str] = None, max_creds: Optional[int] = None, reg_def_type: Optional[str] = None, tag: Optional[str] = None, tails_local_path: Optional[str] = None, tails_public_uri: Optional[str] = None, tails_hash: Optional[str] = None, reg_def: Optional[dict] = None)[source]

Bases: object

Manage a revocation registry and tails file.

MAX_SIZE = 32768
property cred_def_id: str

Accessor for the credential definition ID.

classmethod from_definition(revoc_reg_def: dict, public_def: bool) aries_cloudagent.revocation.models.revocation_registry.RevocationRegistry[source]

Initialize a revocation registry instance from a definition.

async get_or_fetch_local_tails_path()[source]

Get the local tails path, retrieving from the remote if necessary.


Make the local path to the tails file we download from remote URI.

has_local_tails_file() bool[source]

Test if the tails file exists locally.

property issuer_did: str

Accessor for the issuer DID.

property max_creds: int

Accessor for the maximum number of issued credentials.

property reg_def: dict

Accessor for the revocation registry definition.

property reg_def_type: str

Accessor for the revocation registry type.

property registry_id: str

Accessor for the revocation registry ID.

async retrieve_tails()[source]

Fetch the tails file from the public URI.

property tag: str

Accessor for the tag part of the revoc. reg. ID.

property tails_hash: str

Accessor for the tails file hash.

property tails_local_path: str

Accessor for the tails file local path.

property tails_public_uri: str

Accessor for the tails file public URI.