aries_cloudagent.tails package


aries_cloudagent.tails.base module

Tails server interface base class.

class aries_cloudagent.tails.base.BaseTailsServer[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

Base class for tails server interface.

abstract async upload_tails_file(context: aries_cloudagent.config.injection_context.InjectionContext, rev_reg_id: str, tails_file_path: str, interval: float = 1.0, backoff: float = 0.25, max_attempts: int = 5) Tuple[bool, str][source]

Upload tails file to tails server.

  • rev_reg_id – The revocation registry identifier

  • tails_file – The path to the tails file to upload

  • interval – initial interval between attempts

  • backoff – exponential backoff in retry interval

  • max_attempts – maximum number of attempts to make

aries_cloudagent.tails.error module

Tails server related errors.

exception aries_cloudagent.tails.error.TailsServerNotConfiguredError(*args, error_code: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: aries_cloudagent.core.error.BaseError

Error indicating the tails server plugin hasn’t been configured.

aries_cloudagent.tails.indy_tails_server module