aries_cloudagent.issuer package


aries_cloudagent.issuer.base module

Ledger issuer class.

class aries_cloudagent.issuer.base.BaseIssuer[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

Base class for issuer.

aries_cloudagent.issuer.indy module

Indy issuer implementation.

class aries_cloudagent.issuer.indy.IndyIssuer(wallet)[source]

Bases: aries_cloudagent.issuer.base.BaseIssuer

Indy issuer class.

create_credential(schema, credential_offer, credential_request, credential_values)[source]

Create a credential.

schema: Schema to create credential for credential_offer: Credential Offer to create credential for credential_request: Credential request to create credential for credential_values: Values to go in credential
Returns:A tuple of created credential, revocation id
create_credential_offer(credential_definition_id: str)[source]

Create a credential offer for the given credential definition id.

Parameters:credential_definition_id – The credential definition to create an offer for
Returns:A credential offer
exception aries_cloudagent.issuer.indy.IssuerError(*args, error_code: str = None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: aries_cloudagent.core.error.BaseError

Generic issuer error.

aries_cloudagent.issuer.util module

Issuer utils.

aries_cloudagent.issuer.util.encode(orig: Any) → str[source]

Encode a credential value as an int.

Encode credential attribute value, purely stringifying any int32 and leaving numeric int32 strings alone, but mapping any other input to a stringified 256-bit (but not 32-bit) integer. Predicates in indy-sdk operate on int32 values properly only when their encoded values match their raw values.

Parameters:orig – original value to encode
Returns:encoded value