Source code for aries_cloudagent.issuer.util

"""Issuer utils."""

from hashlib import sha256
from typing import Any

I32_BOUND = 2 ** 31

[docs]def encode(orig: Any) -> str: """ Encode a credential value as an int. Encode credential attribute value, purely stringifying any int32 and leaving numeric int32 strings alone, but mapping any other input to a stringified 256-bit (but not 32-bit) integer. Predicates in indy-sdk operate on int32 values properly only when their encoded values match their raw values. Args: orig: original value to encode Returns: encoded value """ if isinstance(orig, int) and -I32_BOUND <= orig < I32_BOUND: return str(int(orig)) # python bools are ints try: i32orig = int(str(orig)) # don't encode floats as ints if -I32_BOUND <= i32orig < I32_BOUND: return str(i32orig) except (ValueError, TypeError): pass rv = int.from_bytes(sha256(str(orig).encode()).digest(), "big") while -I32_BOUND <= rv < I32_BOUND: rv = int.from_bytes( sha256(rv.encode()).digest(), "big" ) # sha256 maps no 32-bit int to another: terminates return str(rv)