Aries Cloud Agent Python Code Documentation

Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) is a foundation for building decentralized identity applications and services running in non-mobile environments.

This is the Read The Docs site for the Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python. This site contains only the ACA-Py docstrings documentation extracted from the Python Code. For other documentation, please consult the links in the Readme for the ACA-Py GitHub Repo.

If you are getting started with verifiable credentials or Aries, we recommend that you start with this verifiable credentials and agents getting started guide.

Want to quick overview of the deployment model for ACA-Py? See this document.

To investigate the code, use search or click the package links in the left menu to drill into the modules, subpackages and submodules that make up ACA-Py.

Developers that are interested in what DIDComm protocols are supported in ACA-Py should take a look at the protocols package. These should align with the corresponding aries-rfcs protocols. Decorators defined in aries-rfcs and implemented in ACA-Py can be found here. Some general purpose subpackages that might be of interest include wallet and storage. For those agents playing different roles in a verifiable credential exchange, take a look at the issuer, holder and verifier packages.

Please see the ACA-Py Contribution guidelines for how to contribute to ACA-Py, including for how to submit issues about ACA-Py.

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