aries_cloudagent.protocols.present_proof.v2_0.formats package



aries_cloudagent.protocols.present_proof.v2_0.formats.handler module

present-proof-v2 format handler - supports DIF and INDY.

class aries_cloudagent.protocols.present_proof.v2_0.formats.handler.V20PresFormatHandler(profile: Profile)[source]

Bases: ABC

Base Presentation Exchange Handler.

abstract async create_bound_request(pres_ex_record: V20PresExRecord, request_data: Optional[dict] = None) Tuple[V20PresFormat, AttachDecorator][source]

Create a presentation request bound to a proposal.

abstract async create_pres(pres_ex_record: V20PresExRecord, request_data: Optional[dict] = None) Tuple[V20PresFormat, AttachDecorator][source]

Create a presentation.

format: Format = None
abstract get_format_data(message_type: str, data: dict) Tuple[V20PresFormat, AttachDecorator][source]

Get presentation format and attach objects for use in pres_ex messages.

abstract get_format_identifier(message_type: str) str[source]

Get attachment format identifier for format and message combination.


message_type (str) – Message type for which to return the format identifier


Issue credential attachment format identifier

Return type


property profile: Profile

Accessor for the current profile instance.


The profile instance for this presentation exchange format

abstract async receive_pres(message: V20Pres, pres_ex_record: V20PresExRecord)[source]

Receive a presentation, from message in context on manager creation.

abstract classmethod validate_fields(message_type: str, attachment_data: dict) None[source]

Validate attachment data for specific message type and format.

abstract async verify_pres(pres_ex_record: V20PresExRecord) V20PresExRecord[source]

Verify a presentation.

exception aries_cloudagent.protocols.present_proof.v2_0.formats.handler.V20PresFormatHandlerError(*args, error_code: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseError

Presentation exchange format error under present-proof protocol v2.0.