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"""Abstract interfaces for VC holder implementations."""

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from typing import Mapping, Sequence

from .vc_record import VCRecord

[docs]class VCHolder(ABC): """Abstract base class for a verifiable credential holder."""
[docs] @abstractmethod async def store_credential(self, cred: VCRecord): """Add a new VC record to the store. Args: cred: The VCRecord instance to store Raises: StorageDuplicateError: If the record_id is not unique """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def retrieve_credential_by_id(self, record_id: str) -> VCRecord: """Fetch a VC record by its record ID. Raises: StorageNotFoundError: If the record is not found """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def retrieve_credential_by_given_id(self, given_id: str) -> VCRecord: """Fetch a VC record by its given ID ('id' property). Raises: StorageNotFoundError: If the record is not found """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def delete_credential(self, cred: VCRecord): """Remove a previously-stored VC record. Raises: StorageNotFoundError: If the record is not found """
[docs] @abstractmethod def build_type_or_schema_query(self, uri_list: Sequence[str]) -> dict: """Build and return backend-specific type_or_schema_query. Args: uri_list: List of schema uri from input_descriptor """
[docs] @abstractmethod def search_credentials( self, contexts: Sequence[str] = None, types: Sequence[str] = None, schema_ids: Sequence[str] = None, issuer_id: str = None, subject_ids: Sequence[str] = None, proof_types: Sequence[str] = None, given_id: str = None, tag_query: Mapping = None, ) -> "VCRecordSearch": """Start a new VC record search. Args: contexts: An inclusive list of JSON-LD contexts to match types: An inclusive list of JSON-LD types to match schema_ids: An inclusive list of credential schema identifiers issuer_id: The ID of the credential issuer subject_ids: The IDs of any credential subjects all of which to match proof_types: The signature suite types used for the proof objects. given_id: The given id of the credential tag_query: A tag filter clause """
def __repr__(self) -> str: """Return a human readable representation of this class. Returns: A human readable string for this class """ return "<{}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)
[docs]class VCRecordSearch(ABC): """A VC record search in progress."""
[docs] @abstractmethod async def fetch(self, max_count: int = None) -> Sequence[VCRecord]: """Fetch the next list of VC records from the store. Args: max_count: Max number of records to return. If not provided, defaults to the backend's preferred page size Returns: A list of `VCRecord` instances """
[docs] async def close(self): """Dispose of the search query."""
def __aiter__(self): """Async iterator magic method.""" return IterVCRecordSearch(self) def __repr__(self) -> str: """Human readable representation of this instance.""" return "<{}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)
[docs]class IterVCRecordSearch: """A generic record search async iterator.""" def __init__(self, search: VCRecordSearch, page_size: int = None): """Instantiate a new `IterVCRecordSearch` instance.""" self._buffer = None self._page_size = page_size self._search = search async def __anext__(self): """Async iterator magic method.""" if not self._buffer: self._buffer = await self._search.fetch(self._page_size) or [] try: return self._buffer.pop(0) except IndexError: raise StopAsyncIteration