Source code for aries_cloudagent.protocols.issue_credential.v2_0

from typing import Coroutine, Union

from ....connections.models.conn_record import ConnRecord
from ....core.error import BaseError

from .messages.cred_problem_report import V20CredProblemReport, ProblemReportReason
from .models.cred_ex_record import V20CredExRecord

[docs]def problem_report_for_record( record: Union[ConnRecord, V20CredExRecord], desc_en: str, thread_id: str = None, ) -> V20CredProblemReport: """Create problem report for record. Args: record: connection or exchange record desc_en: description text to include in problem report """ result = V20CredProblemReport( description={ "en": desc_en, "code": ProblemReportReason.ISSUANCE_ABANDONED.value, }, ) thid = thread_id if record and not thread_id: thid = getattr(record, "thread_id", None) if thid: result.assign_thread_id(thid) return result
[docs]async def report_problem( err: BaseError, desc_en: str, http_error_class, record: Union[ConnRecord, V20CredExRecord], outbound_handler: Coroutine, ): """Send problem report response and raise corresponding HTTP error. Args: err: error for internal diagnostics desc_en: description text to include in problem report (response) http_error_class: HTTP error to raise record: record to cite by thread in problem report outbound_handler: outbound message handler """ if record: await outbound_handler( problem_report_for_record(record, desc_en), connection_id=record.connection_id, ) raise http_error_class(reason=err.roll_up) from err