Source code for aries_cloudagent.protocols.coordinate_mediation.v1_0.handlers.mediation_grant_handler

"""Handler for mediate-grant message."""

from .....messaging.base_handler import BaseHandler, HandlerException
from .....messaging.request_context import RequestContext
from .....messaging.responder import BaseResponder
from .....multitenant.base import BaseMultitenantManager
from import StorageNotFoundError

from ..manager import MediationManager
from ..messages.mediate_grant import MediationGrant
from ..models.mediation_record import MediationRecord

[docs]class MediationGrantHandler(BaseHandler): """Handler for mediate-grant message."""
[docs] async def handle(self, context: RequestContext, responder: BaseResponder): """Handle mediate-grant message.""" self._logger.debug( "%s called with context %s", self.__class__.__name__, context ) assert isinstance(context.message, MediationGrant) if not context.connection_ready: raise HandlerException("Received mediation grant from inactive connection") profile = context.profile mgr = MediationManager(profile) try: async with profile.session() as session: record = await MediationRecord.retrieve_by_connection_id( session, context.connection_record.connection_id ) await mgr.request_granted(record, context.message) # Multitenancy setup multitenant_mgr = profile.inject_or(BaseMultitenantManager) wallet_id = profile.settings.get("") if multitenant_mgr and wallet_id: base_mediation_record = await multitenant_mgr.get_default_mediator() # If we have a base mediator and sub wallet mediator # we need to register the base mediator routing key at the # sub wallet mediator if base_mediation_record: # Last routing key needs to be registered at the mediator keylist_updates = await mgr.add_key( base_mediation_record.routing_keys[-1] ) await responder.send( keylist_updates, connection_id=context.connection_record.connection_id, ) # Set to default if metadata set on connection to do so async with profile.session() as session: mediationRecord = await context.connection_record.metadata_get( session, MediationManager.SET_TO_DEFAULT_ON_GRANTED ) if mediationRecord: await mgr.set_default_mediator(record) except StorageNotFoundError as err: raise HandlerException( "Received mediation grant from connection from which mediation " "has not been requested." ) from err