Source code for aries_cloudagent.messaging.base_message

"""Base message."""

from abc import ABC, abstractclassmethod, abstractmethod, abstractproperty
from enum import Enum, auto
from typing import Optional, Type, TYPE_CHECKING

    from .base_handler import BaseHandler

[docs]class DIDCommVersion(Enum): """Serialized message formats.""" v1 = auto() v2 = auto()
[docs]class BaseMessage(ABC): """Abstract base class for messages. This formally defines a "minimum viable message" and provides an unopinionated class for plugins to extend in whatever way makes sense in the context of the plugin. """ @abstractproperty def _type(self) -> str: """Return message type.""" @abstractproperty def _id(self) -> str: """Return message id.""" @abstractproperty def _thread_id(self) -> Optional[str]: """Return message thread id."""
[docs] @abstractmethod def serialize(self, msg_format: DIDCommVersion = DIDCommVersion.v1) -> dict: """Return serialized message in format specified."""
[docs] @abstractclassmethod def deserialize(cls, value: dict, msg_format: DIDCommVersion = DIDCommVersion.v1): """Return message object deserialized from value in format specified."""
@abstractproperty def Handler(self) -> Type["BaseHandler"]: """Return reference to handler class."""