Source code for aries_cloudagent.ledger.endpoint_type

"""Ledger utilities."""

from collections import namedtuple
from enum import Enum

EndpointTypeName = namedtuple("EndpointTypeName", "w3c indy")

[docs]class EndpointType(Enum): """Enum for endpoint/service types.""" ENDPOINT = EndpointTypeName("Endpoint", "endpoint") PROFILE = EndpointTypeName("Profile", "profile") LINKED_DOMAINS = EndpointTypeName("LinkedDomains", "linked_domains")
[docs] @staticmethod def get(name: str) -> "EndpointType": """Return enum instance corresponding to input string.""" if name is None: return None for endpoint_type in EndpointType: if name.replace("_", "").lower() == endpoint_type.w3c.lower(): return endpoint_type return None
@property def w3c(self): """W3C name of endpoint type: externally-facing.""" return self.value.w3c @property def indy(self): """Indy name of endpoint type: internally-facing, on ledger and in wallet.""" return self.value.indy