Source code for aries_cloudagent.indy.holder

"""Base Indy Holder class."""

from abc import ABC, ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from typing import Tuple, Union

from ..core.error import BaseError
from ..ledger.base import BaseLedger

[docs]class IndyHolderError(BaseError): """Base class for holder exceptions."""
[docs]class IndyHolder(ABC, metaclass=ABCMeta): """Base class for holder.""" RECORD_TYPE_MIME_TYPES = "attribute-mime-types" CHUNK = 256 def __repr__(self) -> str: """Return a human readable representation of this class. Returns: A human readable string for this class """ return "<{}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_credential(self, credential_id: str) -> str: """Get a credential stored in the wallet. Args: credential_id: Credential id to retrieve """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def credential_revoked( self, ledger: BaseLedger, credential_id: str, fro: int = None, to: int = None ) -> bool: """Check ledger for revocation status of credential by cred id. Args: credential_id: Credential id to check """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def delete_credential(self, credential_id: str): """Remove a credential stored in the wallet. Args: credential_id: Credential id to remove """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_mime_type( self, credential_id: str, attr: str = None ) -> Union[dict, str]: """Get MIME type per attribute (or for all attributes). Args: credential_id: credential id attr: attribute of interest or omit for all Returns: Attribute MIME type or dict mapping attribute names to MIME types attr_meta_json = all_meta.tags.get(attr) """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def create_presentation( self, presentation_request: dict, requested_credentials: dict, schemas: dict, credential_definitions: dict, rev_states: dict = None, ) -> str: """Get credentials stored in the wallet. Args: presentation_request: Valid indy format presentation request requested_credentials: Indy format requested credentials schemas: Indy formatted schemas JSON credential_definitions: Indy formatted credential definitions JSON rev_states: Indy format revocation states JSON """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def create_credential_request( self, credential_offer: dict, credential_definition: dict, holder_did: str ) -> Tuple[str, str]: """Create a credential request for the given credential offer. Args: credential_offer: The credential offer to create request for credential_definition: The credential definition to create an offer for holder_did: the DID of the agent making the request Returns: A tuple of the credential request and credential request metadata """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def store_credential( self, credential_definition: dict, credential_data: dict, credential_request_metadata: dict, credential_attr_mime_types=None, credential_id: str = None, rev_reg_def: dict = None, ): """Store a credential in the wallet. Args: credential_definition: Credential definition for this credential credential_data: Credential data generated by the issuer credential_request_metadata: credential request metadata generated by the issuer credential_attr_mime_types: dict mapping attribute names to (optional) MIME types to store as non-secret record, if specified credential_id: optionally override the stored credential id rev_reg_def: revocation registry definition in json Returns: the ID of the stored credential """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def create_revocation_state( self, cred_rev_id: str, rev_reg_def: dict, rev_reg_delta: dict, timestamp: int, tails_file_path: str, ) -> str: """Create current revocation state for a received credential. Args: cred_rev_id: credential revocation id in revocation registry rev_reg_def: revocation registry definition rev_reg_delta: revocation delta timestamp: delta timestamp Returns: the revocation state """