Source code for aries_cloudagent.protocols.present_proof.v1_0.messages.presentation

"""A (proof) presentation content message."""

from typing import Sequence

from marshmallow import fields

from .....messaging.agent_message import AgentMessage, AgentMessageSchema
from .....messaging.decorators.attach_decorator import (

from ..message_types import PRESENTATION, PROTOCOL_PACKAGE

HANDLER_CLASS = f"{PROTOCOL_PACKAGE}.handlers.presentation_handler.PresentationHandler"

[docs]class Presentation(AgentMessage): """Class representing a (proof) presentation."""
[docs] class Meta: """Presentation metadata.""" handler_class = HANDLER_CLASS schema_class = "PresentationSchema" message_type = PRESENTATION
def __init__( self, _id: str = None, *, comment: str = None, presentations_attach: Sequence[AttachDecorator] = None, **kwargs, ): """ Initialize presentation object. Args: presentations_attach: attachments comment: optional comment """ super().__init__(_id=_id, **kwargs) self.comment = comment self.presentations_attach = ( list(presentations_attach) if presentations_attach else [] )
[docs] def indy_proof(self, index: int = 0): """ Retrieve and decode indy proof from attachment. Args: index: ordinal in attachment list to decode and return (typically, list has length 1) """ return self.presentations_attach[index].indy_dict
[docs]class PresentationSchema(AgentMessageSchema): """(Proof) presentation schema."""
[docs] class Meta: """Presentation schema metadata.""" model_class = Presentation
comment = fields.Str(description="Human-readable comment", required=False) presentations_attach = fields.Nested( AttachDecoratorSchema, required=True, many=True, data_key="presentations~attach" )