Source code for aries_cloudagent.connections.models.diddoc.publickey

DID Document Public Key classes.

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from collections import namedtuple
from enum import Enum

from .util import canon_did, canon_ref

LinkedDataKeySpec = namedtuple("LinkedDataKeySpec", "ver_type authn_type specifier")

[docs]class PublicKeyType(Enum): """Class encapsulating public key types.""" RSA_SIG_2018 = LinkedDataKeySpec( "RsaVerificationKey2018", "RsaSignatureAuthentication2018", "publicKeyPem" ) ED25519_SIG_2018 = LinkedDataKeySpec( "Ed25519VerificationKey2018", "Ed25519SignatureAuthentication2018", "publicKeyBase58", ) EDDSA_SA_SIG_SECP256K1 = LinkedDataKeySpec( "Secp256k1VerificationKey2018", "Secp256k1SignatureAuthenticationKey2018", "publicKeyHex", )
[docs] @staticmethod def get(val: str) -> "PublicKeyType": """ Find enum instance corresponding to input value (RsaVerificationKey2018 etc). Args: val: input value marking public key type Returns: the public key type """ for pktype in PublicKeyType: if val in (pktype.ver_type, pktype.authn_type): return pktype return None
@property def ver_type(self) -> str: """Accessor for the verification type identifier.""" return self.value.ver_type @property def authn_type(self) -> str: """Accessor for the authentication type identifier.""" return self.value.authn_type @property def specifier(self) -> str: """Accessor for the value specifier.""" return self.value.specifier
[docs] def specification(self, val: str) -> str: """ Return specifier and input value for use in public key specification. Args: val: value of public key Returns: dict mapping applicable specifier to input value """ return {self.specifier: val}
[docs]class PublicKey: """ Public key specification to embed in DID document. Retains DIDs as raw values (orientated toward indy-facing operations), everything else as URIs (oriented toward W3C-facing operations). """ def __init__( self, did: str, ident: str, value: str, pk_type: PublicKeyType = None, controller: str = None, authn: bool = False, ) -> None: """ Retain key specification particulars. Args: did: DID of DID document embedding public key ident: identifier for public key value: key content, encoded as key specification requires pk_type: public key type (enum), default ED25519_SIG_2018 controller: controller DID (default DID of DID document) authn: whether key as has DID authentication privilege (default False) Raises: ValueError: on any bad input DID. """ self._did = canon_did(did) self._id = canon_ref(self._did, ident) self._value = value self._type = pk_type or PublicKeyType.ED25519_SIG_2018 self._controller = canon_did(controller) if controller else self._did self._authn = authn @property def did(self) -> str: """Accessor for the DID.""" return self._did @property def id(self) -> str: """Accessor for the public key identifier.""" return self._id @property def type(self) -> PublicKeyType: """Accessor for the public key type.""" return self._type @property def value(self) -> str: """Accessor for the public key value.""" return self._value @property def controller(self) -> str: """Accessor for the controller DID.""" return self._controller @property def authn(self) -> bool: """Accessor for the authentication marker. Returns: whether public key is marked as having DID authentication privilege """ return self._authn @authn.setter def authn(self, value: bool) -> None: """Setter for the authentication marker. Args: value: authentication marker """ self._authn = value
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> dict: """Return dict representation of public key to embed in DID document.""" return { "id":, "type": str(self.type.ver_type), "controller": canon_ref(self.did, self.controller), **self.type.specification(self.value), }
def __repr__(self) -> str: """Return string representation of the public key instance.""" return "PublicKey({}, {}, {}, {}, {}, {})".format( self.did,, self.value, self.type, self.controller, self.authn )