Source code for aries_cloudagent.config.util


import os
import re

from argparse import ArgumentTypeError
from typing import Any, Mapping

from .logging import LoggingConfigurator

[docs]def common_config(settings: Mapping[str, Any]): """Perform common app configuration.""" # Set up logging log_config = settings.get("log.config") log_level = settings.get("log.level") or os.getenv("LOG_LEVEL") log_file = settings.get("log.file") LoggingConfigurator.configure(log_config, log_level, log_file)
[docs]class ByteSize: """Argument value parser for byte sizes.""" def __init__(self, min_size: int = 0, max_size: int = 0): """Initialize the ByteSize parser.""" self.min_size = min_size self.max_size = max_size def __call__(self, arg: str) -> int: """Interpret the argument value.""" if not arg: raise ArgumentTypeError("Expected value") parts = re.match(r"^(\d+)([kKmMgGtT]?)[bB]?$", arg) if not parts: raise ArgumentTypeError("Invalid format") size = int(parts[1]) suffix = parts[2].upper() if suffix == "K": size = size << 10 elif suffix == "M": size = size << 20 elif suffix == "G": size = size << 30 elif suffix == "T": size = size << 40 if size < self.min_size: raise ArgumentTypeError( f"Size must be greater than or equal to {self.min_size}" ) if self.max_size and size > self.max_size: raise ArgumentTypeError( f"Size must be less than or equal to {self.max_size}" ) return size def __repr__(self): """Format for in error reporting.""" return self.__class__.__name__