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"""Default storage provider classes."""

import logging

from ..config.base import BaseProvider, BaseInjector, BaseSettings
from ..utils.classloader import ClassLoader
from ..wallet.base import BaseWallet

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class StorageProvider(BaseProvider): """Provider for the default configurable storage classes.""" STORAGE_TYPES = { "basic": "", "indy": "", "postgres_storage": "", }
[docs] async def provide(self, settings: BaseSettings, injector: BaseInjector): """Create and return the storage instance.""" wallet: BaseWallet = await injector.inject(BaseWallet) wallet_type = settings.get_value("wallet.type", default="basic").lower() storage_default_type = "indy" if wallet_type == "indy" else "basic" storage_type = settings.get_value( "storage.type", default=storage_default_type ).lower() storage_class = self.STORAGE_TYPES.get(storage_type, storage_type) storage = ClassLoader.load_class(storage_class)(wallet) return storage