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"""Abstract base classes for non-secrets storage."""

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from typing import Mapping, Sequence

from .error import StorageDuplicateError, StorageNotFoundError
from .record import StorageRecord


[docs]class BaseStorage(ABC): """Abstract Non-Secrets interface."""
[docs] @abstractmethod async def add_record(self, record: StorageRecord): """ Add a new record to the store. Args: record: `StorageRecord` to be stored """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_record( self, record_type: str, record_id: str, options: Mapping = None ) -> StorageRecord: """ Fetch a record from the store by type and ID. Args: record_type: The record type record_id: The record id options: A dictionary of backend-specific options Returns: A `StorageRecord` instance """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def update_record_value(self, record: StorageRecord, value: str): """ Update an existing stored record's value. Args: record: `StorageRecord` to update value: The new value """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def update_record_tags(self, record: StorageRecord, tags: Mapping): """ Update an existing stored record's tags. Args: record: `StorageRecord` to update tags: New tags """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def delete_record_tags( self, record: StorageRecord, tags: (Sequence, Mapping) ): """ Update an existing stored record's tags. Args: record: `StorageRecord` to delete tags: Tags """
[docs] @abstractmethod async def delete_record(self, record: StorageRecord): """ Delete an existing record. Args: record: `StorageRecord` to delete """
[docs] @abstractmethod def search_records( self, type_filter: str, tag_query: Mapping = None, page_size: int = None, options: Mapping = None, ) -> "BaseStorageRecordSearch": """ Create a new record query. Args: type_filter: Filter string tag_query: Tags to query page_size: Page size options: Dictionary of backend-specific options Returns: An instance of `BaseStorageRecordSearch` """
def __repr__(self) -> str: """Human readable representation of a `BaseStorage` implementation.""" return "<{}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)
[docs]class BaseStorageRecordSearch(ABC): """Represent an active stored records search.""" def __init__( self, store: BaseStorage, type_filter: str, tag_query: Mapping, page_size: int = None, options: Mapping = None, ): """ Initialize a `BaseStorageRecordSearch` instance. Args: store: `BaseStorage` to search type_filter: Filter string tag_query: Tags to search page_size: Size of page to return options: Dictionary of backend-specific options """ self._buffer = None self._page_size = page_size self._store = store self._tag_query = tag_query self._type_filter = type_filter self._options = options or {} @property def handle(self): """Handle a search request.""" return None @property @abstractmethod def opened(self) -> bool: """ Accessor for open state. Returns: True if opened, else False """ return False @property def page_size(self) -> int: """ Accessor for page size. Returns: The page size """ return self._page_size or DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE @property def store(self) -> BaseStorage: """ `BaseStorage` backend for this implementation. Returns: The `BaseStorage` implementation being used """ return self._store @property def tag_query(self) -> Mapping: """ Accessor for tag query. Returns: The tag query """ return self._tag_query @property def type_filter(self) -> str: """ Accessor for type filter. Returns: The type filter """ return self._type_filter @property def options(self) -> Mapping: """ Accessor for the search options. Returns: The search options """ return self._options
[docs] def option(self, name: str, default=None): """ Fetch a named search option, if defined. Return: The option value or default """ return self._options.get(name, default)
[docs] @abstractmethod async def fetch(self, max_count: int) -> Sequence[StorageRecord]: """ Fetch the next list of results from the store. Args: max_count: Max number of records to return Returns: A list of `StorageRecord` """
[docs] async def fetch_all(self) -> Sequence[StorageRecord]: """Fetch all records from the query.""" results = [] async for record in self: results.append(record) return results
[docs] async def fetch_single(self) -> StorageRecord: """Fetch a single query result.""" results = await self.fetch_all() if not results: raise StorageNotFoundError("Record not found") if len(results) > 1: raise StorageDuplicateError("Duplicate records found") return results[0]
[docs] @abstractmethod async def open(self): """Start the search query."""
[docs] @abstractmethod async def close(self): """Dispose of the search query."""
async def __aenter__(self): """Context manager enter.""" await return self async def __aexit__(self, exc_type, exc, tb): """Context manager exit.""" await self.close() def __aiter__(self): """Async iterator magic method.""" return self async def __anext__(self): """Async iterator magic method.""" if not self.opened: await if not self._buffer: self._buffer = await self.fetch(self.page_size) if not self._buffer: await self.close() raise StopAsyncIteration try: return self._buffer.pop(0) except IndexError: raise StopAsyncIteration def __repr__(self) -> str: """Human readable representation of `BaseStorageRecordSearch`.""" return "<{}>".format(self.__class__.__name__)